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We are using laser scanners to record as-build environments and to produce engineering documentation for industrial sites, architecture, heritage and large-scale urban regeneration projects. Wide spectrum of point cloud-related products such as 2D documentation, 3D models, Building Information Models (BIM) could be delivered for each project . Using laser scanning data – points cloud , we are able to generate following

Registered Points Cloud

Our team is able to register laser scanning data , remove the noise, and prepare for further usage

3D Virtual Reality

We are able to digitize entire object or specific area as per Client request and make the environment with interactive walkthroughs . We could also add animations , music and description in order to make a space live.

True Views

While scanning , instrument is recording panoramic images as well. Once the project is registered , points cloud allowing users to take measurements over the images, markup and share view. True view are usually not requiring any kind of software except internet explorer or similar .

2D Cad Documentation

Typical architectural and structural we are able to produce from laser scanned points cloud . Highly accurate Floor plans, reflected ceilings Plans , Internal and external Elevations and Sections .With different level of details as per client demands

3D Cad Models

We are developing 3D Cad models with different level of details following client requirement

Topographical Modeling

By using registered and georeferenced points cloud we are capable of design terrain mesh model or simplified tin model , to create contour lines and design typical topographical features . We usually use Civil 3D from processing and design ,while final outputs are ready for standard Auto Cad

Revit BIM

Once the object is laser scanned and data registered , by using points cloud , we are able to develop BIM model as per site conditions. LOD details defined by Client

Material Volumes

Laser scanning points cloud perfectly defining the shape and size of stock material, earthworks , mining. Once the Data is registered we can make material mesh models,compute volume and prepare section views reports

Construction Verification

3rd party surveys by using laser scanning data making clash detection , shape and size comparison easier and more accurate , during Construction stages of the project


Measured Building Surveys are highly accurate as built surveys carried out before, during and/or after construction projects. This type of survey is used for verification and record purposes, area calculation and to identify any variations from original plans. MBS measures floor plans, sections, elevations and facades.Our efficient site survey measures and processing procedures cut costs and risks for our clients. Deliverables can be produced in a large range of formats. Point cloud data from laser scanners can be supplied quickly in TruView format giving you instant access to inspect the raw data dimensionally. Outputs also include Autodesk AutoCAD, 2D Plans, Maps and Drawings, 3D CAD Wireframes, Cross Sections, and Elevations.


3D measurement services can provide the information on existing building conditions with the accuracy needed for construction planning. It can also be used to compare the newly constructed work against the as-designed model or drawings for quality assurance. For general contractors, laser scanning lowers risk by ensuring as-built drawings are complete and accurate and by exposing any inaccuracies early in the process, before they turn into change orders during construction. With laser scanning, the ability to catch conflicts before they happen has been shown to reduce rework to 1 to 3 percent. This reduction translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on change orders, not to mention the advantage of keeping the project on schedule.


Facades digital documentation is a essential for proper and accurate Quantities estimations during design and tendering stage as well as construction stage . Drawings and orthomosaics are presenting as it is condition, current color and texture of the surfaces , shapes and dimensions and can be shared with everyone involved in the project in order to avoid any misunderstanding of project scope or total project areas .


Heritage documentation is a process of collecting relevant data for the specialist involved in conservation , remediation and heritage management. 3D laser scanning and close range photogrammetry by using Drones and full frame cameras , providing maximum level of site data. Object shape and size is recorded in millimeter accuracy along with texture and color extracted from recorded images applied over points cloud , making realistic mesh models or building replica available in digital format


3D laser scanning has the potential to off reducing follow-up visits and maintenance on site, improve safety, and increase flexibility for future brownfield modifications.The resulting models and associated data can then be used to develop terrestrial and nautical charts and reports ,seismic evaluations, field development, and site construction – from pipelines to storage facilities.An additional advantage of 3D laser scanning an existing facility is the ability to provide physical data for asset management activities. This may include quantity surveys, asset documentation, condition monitoring, tank calibration, maintenance support, and intelligent plant modeling.


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